The Weight of Chains is a interesting new film by Boris Malagurski about how the US destroyed Yugoslavia
Weight of Chains | NEW TRAILER
The Weight of Chains 2 | Trailer
TalkingStickTV – Michael Parenti – The U.S. War on Yugoslavia

I saw this so called "documnetary". It should be rather named Weight of Chains Serbian version. Almost all of the commentators are Serbs. No one was from other parts of Yugoslavia. People often forget that Yugoslavia was product of all South Slavs, not the Serbs only. The worst and the lame propaganda documentary which I ever saw. The part of economy is good but the rest is pure BS. Especially the part about WW2, full of historical nonsence and lies. Lot`s of things are not even mentioned. No one is buying the parol: Ko nas bre zavadi and the influence of USA. That theories of conspiracy you can hang on the cat`s tail. USA and Europe was in first for Yugoslavia, that is way we had the weapon emabrago imposed by West. Thanks for Russia and other former CCCP countries we were able to arm ourselevs. Propaganda and just one perception of Yugoslavia and wars in the 90s.