And what were the Bosniak and Croat politicians doing at the time, playing ballet?! Hah!

If JNA was the official Yugoslavian army, how can you explain the illegal procurement of firearms of Bosniaks and Croats prior to the conflict? JNA has only done what it had to, to save the borders of Yugoslavia.

Croat politicians were preparing for war which they probably knew would come when they left Yugoslavia.
Bosniaks were doing nothing and they tried to stay out of the conflict… In fact if Mr.Izetbegovic had actually done s*** I doubt RS would exist but thats another subject…
Once again, Bosniaks did very little. Croats were more involved. How do I explain it? They were preparing for war because the new Srpska Narodna Armija had stolen all of their weapons. The JNA's duty was to PROTECT the civilians of Yugoslavia which included Serbs,Bosnjaks and Croats. Not kill them.