I agree. I especially think Ukranian women are hot. I'm going off the girls I've actually met IRL. However, quite a few Russian girls I met are tall ( which is good , I like tall women) but kind of freakishly thin , like almost bordering on malnutrition. I don't know what it is but its something that I notice. Maybe like 10 or 15 more pounds and they would be perfect :). Nothing a little cevapi can't fix though :P

Haha, cevapi can fix anything!

And yeah, Slavs are generally thinner overall, I must agree. Especially when compared to the more.. round Germanic or Anglo women. But at least Germanic girls tend to have pretty faces, I honestly don't know what Anglos have going for them.

The skinny factor (from what I have seen and experienced) is especially prominent in Balkan women, though. The Russians I've met are not as skinny as you describe. To me, overall they look very healthy.

But even when our beautiful Slav women are very skinny, they still tend to have shapely and womanly figures. It's our amazing gene pool :)


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