[size=12pt]Zygmunt III Waza – Sigismund III Vasa[/size]


Sigismund III Vasa (1566-1632), the son of the Swedish king John III and Catherine Jagiellonian, king of Poland from 1587 and king of Sweden in 1592-98. His claims to the Swedish crown involved Poland and Lithuania in conflicts and wars, and made him many bitter opponents. He was a Catholic and a supporter of the Counter-Reformation, which turned against him many adherents of tolerance and dissenters. The opponents accused him of favouring the Habsburgs in his policies. Dissatisfaction with his government took on an extreme form in 1606 with the rebellion of Mikolaj Zebrzydowski. Sigismund conducted wars with Muscovy and claimed the crown of Muscovy, which the defeated boyars offered to his son, Ladislaus. In 1596, Sigismund transferred the capital of Poland from Cracow to Warsaw.

I just found out that this king owned one of my ancestral villages, through my grandfather's line (I have four ancestral villages documented, thus far). King Sigismund III had a lifetime lease, so I guess he still owns it.  I hope Poland doesn't decide to reclaim my village. :D I assume my ancestors were his serfs? I hope he was a kind and benevolent master. ;)

The Kornik Volume of the Ruthenian Metrica: List of Crown Chancery Documents for Ukrainian Lands, 1609-1612.

7.8.VI. 1609, Lublin fols. 9-1 Ov Sigismund III confirms the lease (arenda) of the village of Kvasiv (now in Horokhiv raion, Volhynia oblast) by the land-court judge of Lviv, Piotr Ozga. The lifetime lease stipulates the yearly payment of  100  zlotys, due on the day of John the Baptist, to the bishop and cathedral chapter of Volodymyr (now Volodymyr-Volyns'kyi).