Draza Mihailovic collaborated with the germans, he hated Croats and Bosnians and he advocated a greater Serbia instead of Yugoslavia.
He is not a Yugoslavist nor is he a hero.

He is a hero, in every definition of the word.

Tito was a criminal and he destroyed Serbia and fuelled the hatred between the South Slavs.

Communism is a disgusting ideal that only benefits the ones in power.
Maybe you should do some research on the history of the south Slavic nations. Maybe you should talk to the people that were effected by Tito, the "hero".

Poor families living in Rural villages all over Jugoslavia had their farm animals taken away to pay "tax" or to feed the soldiers/people in power.
In Krajina for example, in every village there was a man who represented the "udba", who were basically the "police" of sorts after/during the war. They would go around the village and ask these often starving families for money to pay their due.
of course there was no money, so he would take the only cow that the family had. Many small children were left without parents, and they in turn died soon after they lost their parents.


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