I believe the word south should have been attributed to mediteraneans as Greeks, Italians, Spainards, South French etc.

I mean we're not neither dark as mediteraneans (minus small population exchange with mediteraneans, but it's most obvious among Macedonians and maybe souther Bulgarians). South-Slavs differate from mediteraneans as Greeks, Italians, Albanians and such as having light eyes, lighter skin also most common hair color is light-brown and brown and pretty pale faces (from 3 attributes at least 2 are present in every South-Slav). We only basically differate from Baltic Russians or Baltic Poles in facial attributes as we're more dinaricized due to the fact 85% of south slavs live in mountinous areas (only Croatian Slavonia and Serbian Vojvodina are flat).

So ridicilous as it sounds but it should be better to call us Mountinous Slavs :D Southern is to confusing, more so for westerners that when hear southernern automatically thinks we're all like Greeks or mediteraneans in general which we're obviously not.

So is this one of your Zagrebcentric plots to remove yourself from us?