Polish have understood the principles of US. Our migration to the United States has decreased in volume since we obtained an access to a Single Market. Poland is currently “CoE”  (Center of Europe), it just happened, and Yes, we love that precious land between rivers Oder and Bug. And believe me, I find it more attractive to remain in EU, having access to weekend-trips through Scandinavia, pint of beer in Dublin on Sunday, comfortable flight to Rome and close proximity to Berlin.

Believe me, our neighbors Swedes just love Polska Dance. Besides, currently the EU even with its economic divisions is considered more interesting and encouraging if it comes down to accessibility to quality food, exploration, the culture that preserved and wide education opportunities.

On the other hand, I cannot blame my nation, yet we have never been officially a colonist country, but we still tend to search for an adventure, meeting other societies, cultures. I will never believe that Americans are able to be so unwelcoming, as the impression I derived from Argosy Sam’s posts. On the other hand, the Polonia in USA, is mainly the old generation, please compare them to Polonia of UK&Ireland, extremely different nations.

Also, as American citizen, you are familiar with the term “brain drain” it’s very popular across US, especially when back-fire. Don’t be so surprised Polish are visiting your territories. The only shameful episode of contacts between New World and Poland, was in 1619 Jamestown Polish craftsmen strike, that may be the foundation of some of your negative impressions about Polish.

Totaling, my answer to your question is: “The Brain Drain”.
Just wait till we accomplish our Ponglish dialect, life for expats in CoE will get much more comfortable then.

BTW. Polish of Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice has failed. No doubt. We appreciate she has tried. But I believe the Citizens of US, ought to update their Experience of Poland…



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