I have noticed that Slovaks in different parts of Serbia – even when they’re just 40 km apart, speak quite differently. There are differences in pronunciation, and also the slang is completely different.

Some of my observations:

From the vernacular here, I have observed that people often mix letters “M” and “N”, especially when found at the end of the word – same goes for “L” and “V”. (for instance, pronouncing it as “dobrý dem”  instead of “dobrý deň”; etc.)

Where I’m from (Central Banat), we pronounce words “ale”, “alebo”, etc. as /a̍lɛ/; /a̍lɛbɔ/; however, in Southern Banat, I’ve heard them say /a̍ʎe/; /a̍ʎɛbɔ/; etc. – so they have the “Ľ” sound instead of our “L”.

Also, some other differences in pronounciation: the word “všetko” – I’ve heard them say it as /ʃɛ̍tkɔ/ (šetko), while we say it as: /ʃɛ̍tskɔ/ (šecko),
also, “
štyri” – they say /ʃti̍ri/, while we say: /ʃci̍ri/ (štiri) – we palatalize the t.

Now, as for the differences from the literary Slovak:

In literary Slovak, words for “yes” and “no” are “áno” and “nie” respectively; however, in our dialect, we say “no” and “ňi”.

The general Slovak greeting is “ahoj” – we don’t have that word here… I’ve heard many people say “zdravo”, but that’s may just be Serbian influence.

I’ll make a little list of different words which I have encountered, it will go like this: English – literary Slovak (or as I like to call it “the Slovakia Slovak”) – “Serbia Slovak”:

nothing – nič – ništ
where? – kde? – ďe?
where from? – 
odkiaľ? – skaďe?
how many/much? – 
koľko? – kelko?
which one? – 
ktorý?/ktorá?/ktoré? – kerý?/kerá?/kervo?
because of… – 
pretože… – zato že…
to leave – 
nechať – nahať
to want – chcieť – kcieť
to love – ľúbiť/milovať – kcieť
to must – 
musíť – misíť
may/let – nech – nak (like in “nak sa páči!” instead of “nech sa páči!”)
to leave – 
nechať – nahať
where are you going? – 
kam ideš? – ďe tájďeš?
watch out! – pozor! – merkuj!
him – on – von (also pronounced as “vom”)
potatoes – 
zemiaky – krumpľe
window – okno – oblok
butt – zadok – 
grandma – babka – starka
today – dnes – 
one (number) – jeden – edon (or “edom”)
eleven, twelve, thirteen,… – 
dvanásť, trinásť,… – edonác, dvanác,

That’s all I got from the top of my head, but the list is most likely longer… 


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