Hey @Sviatogor !

I’m sorry about the late response but a million things happened at once this past month and I forgot to return to the forum.

You’ve provided some really neat explanations here. I’ll be heading to Ljubljana soon and I could also visit the national library to see if I can find any material on akanje in Slovenia. Hopefully I’ll find some local theories on why dialects so far from Belarus and Russia present this charateristic. Do you know any Belarusian or Russian works that deal with akanje in Slovenia?

I tried to understand the Russian text and I got most of it but could try to translate “различающее гласные неверхнего подъёма в части позиций”. I can’t quite get it.

Please do explain jekanje if you have the time. I think enough time has passed for the present to be considered “later”. :D

@kudkudyak We’re one K short I’m afraid.