@aaaaa I have to agree with you to some extent, despite the arrogant way you put it. I still mostly blame the modern Slovene mentality on the Yugoslav regimes and the inferiority complex that was cultivated in them. The final decades of the Austro-Hungarian Empire saw some very resolute and influential Slovenes that defended our identity both from non-slavic and slavic neighbouring influences, economically, culturally, and during WW1 militarily. We had an enemy then, but once we willingly accepted foreign authority, thinking we would be equals, it was all downhill. Not that we had much choice, but we could have been more like under the Empire and not give in so easily.

Despite what’s happening in the world I doubt that there will be any opportunities for military glory anytime soon, but a nation should still try to achieve something lasting.

“When the Bulgarian empire conquers Slovenia”

Man, with Turkey as a neighbour I don’t think you should look west for too long.

@Sviatoslav “The sentiments towards the Russians would not be much different with other Slavs and non-Slavs had they lived next to Russia.”

Agreed. I shiver a bit every time someone praises Austria or Italy a lot.

@oberkrainer Moraš priznat, da bi vseeno lahko malo bolj mislili na našo narodno samopodobo. Sej ni treba, da pomre pol naroda od lakote, kot bi se dalo razumet od aaaaajevih komentarjev. Bilo bi lepo, če bi lahko že enkrat zgradili Katedralo Svobode in zamenjali uno socialistično škatlo. Tudi če meniš, da si politiki zaslužijo največ kamen v čelo je en pošten parlament pomemeben kot dokaz naše zmožnosti, tako nam samim kot drugim.