Golden Horde was defeated by Khan Uzbek. The demise of Golden Horde was due internal problems mostly. The continuation of Golden Horde was Crimean Khanate which Russia defeated only in late 18th century.

Much of political culture Muscovy adopted from Golden Hurde acknowledged by the Russian historians. Since then it began territorial expansion defeating and erasing one of the most democratic state at the time – the Novgorodian Republic. I cannot see how political culture of the Balkans and Muscovy were similar. Religion was similar. The language of Church was Old Church Slavonic which was an adaptation of Old Bulgarian in eastern Slavia. Architectural style was taken from Byzantium. That was taken from Rus’ – Kiev, as Kiev was cultural capital of Rus’ at the time. Similarities between political culture of Muscovy and states in the Balkans? I can’t think of any.

> They are still global powerhouse so who cares if they are not “the Rus”?

Here, we care about history of Rus’.