Actually from historical point of view it's neither Slovene or Croat indeed inhabitants were Italians. :D

Čak zej, zram kerih si pa ti?!  ??? ;D ;D ;D Well, where all do Slovenes live and it's not Slovene. I wouldn't give a f*** for Istria if we'd kept Monfalcone, Trst and that parts of the coast, but thank you, Tito and SSSR.  :D

It is a stupid quarell, the Slovenes should just back off :P. Nah , I understand you're gonna stand with yours , as you should , and I do the same. But at the sametime we can be objective. But the reason you stated here is different from before. Before it seemed like you proposed a historical reason to control all the waters there but now its a 'practical' reason. I can understand that but I still don't understand what we've taken from the Slovenes? As regards international waters I don't see why Croatia should be in the crosshairs and Italy isn't? Why don't Italians cough up a little bit for Slovenia? I mean even Trst is in Italy :/.
I understand when you say you don't want anything Croatian , and that's cool , but demanding the control you seek in Piranski Zaljev is exactly that , you want something Croatian :P. Anyways , why would all this matter after July 2013 when Croatia joins the death pact ( I mean EU). Croatia and Slovenia will once again be part of the same entity and Slovenes will have a much easier time with laws regarding international water because it will all be the same anyway. But they still block Croatia , why? Some more skeptical Croats believe Slovenia is trying to leverage its position in the EU to get even a little something out of Croatia before Croatia joins EU. Once Croatia is a member Slovenia will have no actual legal method in demanding Croatian territory. In this issue Slovenia is looking to gain something at the cost of Croatia losing something. But I feel the same way you do , I don't want to lose either. I'll end this replica with something we Slovenes say: "Tujega nočemo, svojega ne damo."  :)
, Hey , I like that , we Croats also say : "Svoj na svome" :)

Historical or practical? Both, actually. ;D I'd welcome Croatia joining the Eu and so would the rest of Eu. But of course, politicians have to look for options to make profite. But being objective… It's not that easy as you hear all kind of stories, like, the real border is actually on top of Rt Savudrija, or, Croats changed the flow of Dragonja and similar BS.  ::)


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