Evolution is a fact. It is falsifiable, and it can be observed.

Creationism could very well also be true. The two are not really related are they?

From what I see, most creationist theories state that some sort of supreme being created life, and everything else.
Evolution is merely the passing down of functional advantages onto offspring.

Biological evolution has a lot of facts backing it up. Observable natural evidence to be more precise. Creationism is far more vague and requires a leap of faith rather than scientific evidence to support it's position. It's not two dimensional. There are different shades of creationism varying from a Deistic view to a hardcore fundamentalist Christian , I*slamic, and J*ewish view.

The Catholic church in the last century took a much more open minded view to evolution that's very deistic as opposed to Biblical dogmatic. The RCC accepts evolution as an incontrovertable fact but still holds the disclaimer that it is part of God's design and now dismisses the whole Bible as metaphoric. Deist view is very disconnected from God. Deists believe that god merely set the whole thing into motion but then did not intervene at all and still doesn't intervene in the affairs of people.

Eventually creationism and evolution collide though given the fundamentalist nature of some religious folks.


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