Besides the already mentioned factual mistakes and the absolutely awesomely ironic image mixup (here’s an actual image of Basil II, btw), I do wonder what does Byzantine history have to do with Slavorum. Of course, I definitely don’t mind having this article and more like it here – scholars don’t (sometimes) call that culture Byzantino-Slavica for nothing, after all. Though if that was the point, I think there should have been a bit more accent on the cultural interactions, especially around the whole Photian schism era (a most interesting period in itself, btw, I briefly mentioned it in a recent piece of mine). In any case, for anyone interested in Byzantine history, I recommend checking The History of Byzantium podcast (at least if you can understand verbal English well enough) – the author does make some glaring factual mistakes from time to time as well, but generally the quality is very good and he is currently covering exactly Romanos Lekapenos’ reign.


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