@Dušan  the split was 48 and this stopped 1949, go figure ;)
My dates were a little off. Article says there was a “warming up” of relations after Stalin’s death, which quickly came to an end in 58. I thought that was when this policy stopped. Wait, it did stop 1958. Wonder why it took them 10 years. (In hindsight I should probably read what I am quoting in its entirety before posting)
I am not aware of any post-war plans to join the whole of Bulgaria to Yugoslavia.
The funny part is that the communists first beat the people to declare themselves Macedonian and then again, when the winds shifted, beat those that actaully did to recant. Also, about that time they nationalized all property. Fun times to live in.
@GLK In Bulgaria that “joining” would’ve been perceived as outright annexation. It would’ve required soviet intervention and occupation, most likely.

P.S: So, here’s what happened 1948 – congress of the Communist Party decides there will be no handing over of territories to Yugoslavia and 1958 after the second souring of relationships with Yugoslavia they decided to roll back the policy of macedonization. It took them 10 years. And yes, the 160k figure was official census data from 1956 – it’s mentioned in the article also.


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