Pay him no mind, as he himself admits he only comes to this site to complain and get his oppression fix. Evul tatar hackers hurtin’ his widdle feels with their mean tatar facts. He’s no better than an attention whore, in fact, he’s a negative attention whore. This would’ve died down a long time ago had it not been for Megas and others like him constantly looking for attention.

@”Rex Hatson” This is a slavic site and it’s fine to have a super-identity like slavic or germanic or what have you, but these were tribal identities and inferior to a national identity. You can’t go back and you shouldn’t go back to a tribal identity. People fought and died for their national identities for a thousand years. The revival of bulgarian nationalism started in Macedonia. The way I see it the Rep. of Macedonia can either:

a) invent an identity – current status, drawback – people point proverbial fingers and laugh.
b) acknowledge its bulgarian medieval and modern identity – drawback – not politically correct.
c) as above, but declare its desire for a separate identity – politically awkward, especially considering recent history.

You have no winning moves. The only solution is a new Bulgarian Empire with a seat in Constantinople. That way, when the anschluss happens, people will be too busy complaining about the mass genocides and deportations to care about little old Macedonia.


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