If those statements are true (particularly Lavrov’s one, mentioned at the end of that article, which I hadn’t heard of until now), it’s troubling but still rather meh. I’m much more worried about the internal situation in Macedonia, what with the Albanians on the rise. I doubt there would be any serious external drives for the division of Macedonia (though with Russia you never know, which is why that Dana guy’s (isn’t Dana a female name, btw?) statement is only troubling if there really was a similar one by Lavrov as well), but as we say: “What you do by yourself, nobody else can do it for you”.
Of course, I’m personally in agreement with our official position – an independent and indivisible Macedonia. But then again – we have our own demographic problems as well, as does the whole of Europe in general. So for me the best realistic bet is to develop cyborgization and transhumanism before shit hits the fan. :tongue:


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