#1 All Slavic languages say “vse”, only in “Serbo-Croatian”, the “V” and “S” have switched places, therefore it’s “sve”, and in Macedonian, the “v” is lost, therefore: “sè”.

#2 The dialect I speak is one of these “dolnozemských dialektov” (lowland dialects) – which are spoken by Slovaks in Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Romania (I am from Serbia).

#3 “Mi smo slavna ižanska pažarna kamanda. Nas nč ne zanima kje gari pa kaga gari, mi samo pridemo pa pagasimo.” – hahah sounds kinda funny. Akanje is a great way of distinguishing between the Eastern Slavic languages. Ukrainian doesn’t have it, Russian does, but only in speech, not in written form, and Belorusian has it in written form as well.


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