@Sviatogor Oh yes, I noticed that. In fact before cHr0mChik mentioned his dialect and Polak89 the Ukrainian -v I tought Slovene, Polish and Belarusian were the only languages with the ł and/or ŭ features. I believe the “o” in the Serbo-Croatian forms like “pisao” are also meant to represent the ł. I’ve also noticed that the Romanian currency is called “Leu” (lew), which is how our languages would pronounce “Lev”.

As for the akanye, it is indeed present in the dialects of the Dolenjska region. The most famous (and hilarious) example is the “Slavna ižanska pažarna kamanda” (The famous Fire Department of Ig), a carnival group:
“Mi smo slavna ižanska pažarna kamanda. Nas nč ne zanima kje gari pa kaga gari, mi samo pridemo pa pagasimo.”


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