@cHr0mChIk Well we could also introduce new letters or variations of older letters for changes that are particular. But most have a common root, right? I’m not too concerned about it being phonetic though. I found out about the Thai alphabeth which apparently has a dozen antiquated letters for the same sounds, and it hasn’t even been reformed after a major sound shift. It’s hard to learn but regular people can apparently still understand old texts because of it. I think we could do the same. I mean we’re not 19th century peasants anymore, right? ;)

Either way I love the idea of piecing together a Slavorum conlang! I’ve discovered the amazing world of language creation a few weeks back and fell in love with it.
How would you start? Do you know of any good material on OCS and linguistics I could use? Most of my knowledge comes from analysing Slovene and what I know about other languages.


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