East slavs- strong slavic people with the deep passion and view on life. Love dostoyevsky and the russian authors in general. Russians have a really cool sort of bad ass way of speaking like in james bond movies and almost have a kind of cool swagger about them. I dont know much ukrainians or belarusians but the ones I’ve met seemed nice. On the downside I think of eastern Slavs as being a bit backwards, wild, vulgar and dinking too much, but still they are our Slavic brothers.

Western slavs- my group of people, though I grew up in the u.s I’ve had alot of contact with Czechs and polish people and naturally with Slovaks as my family is Slovak. Czechs are great, funny people with good sense of humor and good movies. They are a bit more Germanic and austrian in some ways and have a funny but sweet melodic way of speaking, the girls are nice too and czechs are very similar to Slovaks in many ways. They are atheist though and they feel a bit empty sometimes like a lost people from this( just my opinion dont mean to insult atheists). Polish people, to me in some way are more similar to Slovaks in spirit. Devout Catholics very hard working and big fighters for their country. Slovaks and czechs didn’t fight much wars with anyone in history but poles had to be a strong people in between russians and Germans and it’s reflected in their culture. All in all good people though some poles I’ve met can be a bit too concieted in their country and the language sometimes gets a bit annoying , though I really like poles.

South slavs, similar but very different from each other at the same time. Croatians seem to be a bit calmer from my experience and maybe a bit more reserved than other jugoslavs but they seem to be good people and very similar to Slovaks in alot pf ways. Bosnians seem to be nice people with a good sense of humor. Serbians are a bit wild from my experience, on one had u really like their passion and I really like how they are strong supporters of Slavic culture, on the other hand some are a little overboard with the patriotism and just a bit too wild for me sometimes. They love to party and use really vulgar speech all the time. Still I find their culture interesting and they have some really beautiful women, never had any problems with them and they seem like cool people. 


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