Croats are descendants of White Croats and local people either they were Slavs or not. Migrations are very rare and mostly only partial. Germans claim that their ancestors were not conquered by Slavs but that they left their homes to conquer unknown in the west. Its absurd ,because nobody leave his home without reason. Nations expand ,don’t migrate. Now they say that there are Germano-Slavs and that those germanized Slavs from eastern Germany are not Slavs but a Germanic branch of R1a. In reality I1 is not proto-Germanic , R1b is not Celto-Germanic and R1a is not Germano-Slavic. Germanics don’t exist genetically. There are only mixed tribes of skandinavian speaking people. We have to work on bringing the truth and rightful place of the Glorious race in the world. We have to wash away from peoples minds the XIX century lies. Croatians are at home.


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