I think it could work.
It wouldn't be easy, but there would definitely be a way of making it work. And what good relations do you speak of? The formation of a big Slavic country would improve relations between the Slavic peoples.

Well, I didn't try it on my own skin, so I can't say this from personal experience, but Slovaks may know the best that country with more nations where all nations are equal just can't exist. There was Czechoslovakia, where dominants were Czechs, there was Austria-Hungary, where were dominants Germans and Magyars, there was Hungaria where were (since 17th century) dominant Magyars. There is Czech Republic where are dominant Czechs (what about Moravians?), there was USSR where were dominant Russians/Bolsheviks (what about Ukrainians, Lithuanians and other nations?).
And where are those countries now? Except Czechia, they don't exist anymore, because one nation took a lead, and other didn't like it. Moravians are slowly, but for sure going to be assimilated, if they  won't do something, and when they'll do it, Czech Republic as we know it nowaday will dissapear.


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