I think it's kinda nice idea. All pan-Slavinists gathered in one place could organise a village or commune :)

I like that. Then they can try to xy-ise one another.  ;D

I'm not for it. I wouldn't support not even the idea of a new Yugoslavia, not mentioning a country of all Slavs. We're simply too different and masive unequalities would happen. In fifty years we'd all be Russian or something, plus the politics wouldn't work the proper way and many more bad things… If Russian joins such a country it changes little for them. If Slovenia does it changes a lot for it. And since noone really wants a new Austria-Hungary or a "democratic" version of Imperial Russia, my answer is simple: ain't gonna happen.  :D The whole Panslavic idea is nice and so is the idea of this forum but I don't believe really in it. Put some harda*s Russians, Ukrainians, Poles and somebody 4th together. We know the result, don't we? ;D


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