Can you imagine all of those quarrels in one pan-Slavic country? I prefer a kind of free union and I would start from the Western Slavic countries through the Balkan and in the end Eastern Slavic countries would join the union. Reason? West Slavs have the least disputes between each other. South Slavs would join naturally, because Czechs have sympathies for Slovenes and I think there wouldn't be any problem for them to join. Then Croatia, Montenegro etc… In the third round Eastern Slavs would join, maybe surprisingly, I would start with Belarus. Then Ukraine and Russia in the end. East Slavic countries are simply too big, moreover, we like it or not, Russia leads an imperialistic policy few centuries. I'm not finding a fault with it, it's pretty understandable as Russia is the biggest country in the world. But before this all we would have to discuss very looong time about it all.

Just a hypothesis, reality is different though…


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