We do not need no common state. Why? Russian governments were rarely seen with rudiments of sanity, so yes, political union is absurd as the balance will definitely shift. The only thing we need – is visa cancellation and some special offers for travelling within Slavic countries to raise people's interest. For people to spend holidays, for example in Croatia, not Turkey (in Russia – tour to Turkey is about 200 euros, to Cro – from 600 euros), or to ski in Slovakia not France or whatever. That's all. Slavic Union just like EU is more acceptable I think. But another thing is that no matter how much we want it, it will not be possible until it is profitable to financial "elite". The concept of the EU was profitable for the capital, so it appeared. Do not know how the idea of the SU will match as it is obviously a EU rival and everything will be done for it not to appear. Finally, again the Americans will arrive, looking for oil…


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