Not that this would ever happen, but…

I think if there were a union, it should start out with Central Slavic states joining together (Poland, Czech, Slovakia, maybe a couple of surrounding), an Eastern one excluding Russia (I just don't think people would realistically be up for opening that can of worms again for a while), a Southern union (excluding Serbia for now, there would be no realistic way the other South Slavic nations would go in with Serbia at the time being).

They could start out as a loose alliance and gradually grow stronger, more confident, and more centralized (and include the nations initially excluded).  There would be enough of us to not only focus on the culture, but also tend to more practical aspects-I have met enough Slavic women to know that we don't generally fit the straight, narrow-hipped Germanic physique that Western designers make clothes for (excuse us for having good figures!) 

Yes, I took it to clothes. Deal with it lol.

Idealistically, the various forms of Christianity and paganism would either mesh or at least be amicable and support each other.  It would become a great place for expats and descendents of expats to migrate to and study. 

Realistically?  Either something horrendous or wonderful would have to happen for that to ever be a feasible idea.  But it's nice to dream :)


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