None of the ethnic groups would approve or be proud of a flag like those. Croats and Serbs only like the tri color in the order they normally have it and Bosniaks don't use the tricolor. It's hard to imagine people being proud of a flag with other nations' symbols on it.

I think the truth of the matter is that there can never be a united flag in which all peoples of BiH are proud.

Hence why they need a multicultural flag – something thats going to represent all three, or something that all three are going to be proud of. Cant you guys use some symbol which King Tvtrko used and use that symbol as the national emblem. On the other hand use a neutral symbol, or no symbol at all just three colors more or less South Slavic colors. Hence you are a Slav disregarding if you practice Islam,Catholicism/Orthodoxy/Paganism.