You couldn`t described it better :D
Well i lived in Yugoslavia, and TBH it`s was very blurry period to me :P (born in 86., lived in Yu for 5 years :D)

Haha still better than nothing. I'm a war child so I only know it from stories my parents and grandparents tell me. My mother is from Lika and my dad is from a Bosnian town on Sava right on the border with Croatia. Both places were ethnically diverse and neither of my parents ever said anything about ethnic tensions 'til 90s or late 80s when it all started to rot, both agree it all happened extremely fast though. Usually they say no one was extremely rich but everyone had everything they need. I do wish Yugo was still around. I hold no grudges for anyone, not just because I wasn't old enough when it all happened but because hate corrupts the mind. I don't see why I couldn't be friends with you for an example, you seem open-minded and friendly to me