>I can tell you they’re not.

Population of Sydney is 4.3mln. The number of Christian churches in Sydney is 1742

Population of St Petersburg 4.99mln. The number of churches, mosques, synagogues and budda temple in St Petersburg is 200 in total

Minsk population is 1.9mln. The number of Christian churches is 43.

Why not so Christian Sydney with a smaller population than that of St Petersburg has 9 times churches than St Petersburg? Someone is attending and supporting those churches.

>and ‘fair-dinkum Aussie’ is a small part of Australia that’s overemphasised for foreigners because foreigners like stereotypes.

 Australians are fair-dinkum Aussies. How can they not be? Ask Australians around what fair-dinkum means to them.

>From what I see they have a lot of religious symbols in their homes. That’s not really a thing in most Australian households.

Christianity is present everywhere in Australia by the look of it. It’s entrenched in Australian society evident from a large number of Christian schools, organisations, large number of Christian churches around the country. New citizens sitting for citizenship test have to answer the question about Australian values. Those values are based on Judaeo-Christian traditions. What other evidence But if someone lives in Muslim districts of Sydney or Melbourne, then he or she  may have another perception about Australian society