The look quite religious to outsiders.

I can tell you they’re not.

Tell me where you live in Australia? In western districts of Melbourne? I know Sydney holds Mardi Gras annually. I know Darlinghurst of Sydney is known for homesexual community. But still a fair-dinkum Aussie does not like poofters.

Yeah, I live in Melbourne, and ‘fair-dinkum Aussie’ is a small part of Australia that’s overemphasised for foreigners because foreigners like stereotypes.

Christianity is not entrenched into modern Russian community as much as into Australia despite those blessings. I visited both countries. This is a separate subject. Russians are definitely not religious. Australians, Americans, Lithuanians, Poles are religious. Russians are not.

From what I see they have a lot of religious symbols in their homes. That’s not really a thing in most Australian households.