@Sviatogor I was just about to write something similar to your last comment, but I wouldn’t say all western Ukranians. I met around 40-50 people from Zakarpatie, I think only 3 or 4 said they were Rusyns, not saying they weren’t Ukrainians. Language of our Rusyns is much closer to Slovak than to Ukrainian, I can fully understand them and I rarely notice eastern Slavic characteristics in their language, except Cyrillic alphabet, of course.
@Slov86 depends on the time period. At one point Slovaks were vastly Lutherans, but Habsburgs found a  way to convince them otherwise. For example they were allowed only one church per something like a county and it had to be made out of wood, without any nails within one year. In the time your ancestor migrated I think majority was Catholic. Now Slovakia is over 90% Catholic, but Slovaks in Serbia are mostly protestants for example.