Sviatogor Christian Schools are popular because they’re wealthier and elitist. I know Muslims who went to Catholic Schools because it would look good on their resume, not because they believe in Bible or some other holy text. Religious classes aren’t taken seriously and for non-Christians they are not compulsory. 

For a long time in recent Australian history Australia was dominated by European Christians, that’s why Christmas and Easter is widely celebrated. Christians are also still the majority of the population here. But Christian worship is more noticeable in places like the USA or Eastern Europe than here in Australia. And there are people who do buy Christian crosses but they don’t usually wear them. I can tell you by growing up here I have never felt like I was living in a “Christian” country. Despite other religious holidays not being recognised as public holidays Australia is pretty chill when it comes to religion and most people don’t openly talk about their religious beliefs unless they’re among people who share their beliefs.

However, this doesn’t mean that Australia is progressive or anything it’s just that religion doesn’t have such a large role in Australian politics and Australian life. Although in the past 10 years the religious right-wing has been growing but it’s mainly a reaction by the older generation to the younger generation’s apathy towards religion.