Vladika is just Slavic word for Greek despotes. Metropolitan is bishop who oversee other bishops in certain area (theoreticaly). Anyway why do you dispute things you dont understand?

Every ruler has his banner and he was a king or a prince or another nobleman.

Well, nobleman is not ruler. But again I dont see what are you trying to prove. Montenegro had no kings nor princes for centuries. It was lead by metropolitans of Serbian Orthodox Chruch.

And? Does it say anything for your argument? I dont think so.

Really? Where did you got that idea, except from painting? Crusaader banner was described centuries before.

Neapolitan court offical asked them from where they came, they said we are from Serbia. Anything hard to grasp?
Not genius, Croat heard Serb fishermen and recorded two their songs.

What are you trying to point? Inventing hot water?
PS Crosses were used as tool of capital punishment before Christianity. I dont get what Islam has to do with anything we were talking about.

Cross introduces the wholesalers in European symbology with the Crusaders.But this is the flag of troops.

Errr, what is symbology? Anyway, Cross was used on European flags almost thousand years before Crusaders.

You are expressing your self wrongly tquite offten.

This was first modern flag of Serbia.
Genius, I told you, first state called Serbia (by neigbourghs, not by Serbs themselves) was established 1500 years ago. And flag of King Vladislav was described in 13th century. 

You first say we dont know what it was, thyn you claim it couldn be state flag? Dont get me wrong, but its contradictory. Either way, its not really relevant here, and I was not talking about it. Please, dtry not to guessing my toughts.

That Russia and Austria dictated constitution. Of course. But I dont get how Sultan could be creator of something he was forced to sign under treath of invasion?

Yugoslav army did not have armoured units, nor majority armies in world. But yet, Serbian gendarms (Police force) were having it in 1919? Errr, tanks were invented 1916.

There was no fights whatsoever after Christmass 1919. But, anyway, entire villlages dont get destroyed in low intensity warfare.
You mean those killing wwhich were first time mentioned after 2006 ;D

All you are writting is hear-say.

And generals from Montenegrin Supreeme command joined Serbian Supreeme Command. You heard about Petar Martinović, serdar Janko Vukovtić, Mitar Martinović, Jovo Bećir, and others. They were Montenegrin Generals who joined Serbiana and Yugoslav army.

People made fun of that flag.

Who, when where?

Well ruler of Montenegro used tricolour flag, and he was considering himself Serb. Basicaly, what’s point anyway?
I think many Montenegrins were pretty happy with outcome.
Well, as I said unless you give me some proofs for all that war, I wont take you seriously