Vladika is just Slavic word for Greek despotes. Metropolitan is bishop who oversee other bishops in certain area (theoreticaly). Anyway why do you dispute things you dont understand?

I could have sworn that the despot is not a church but secular title.

What are you talking about?

Flag of Crnojevići:
[img width=700 height=466]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/7c/Supposed_Flag_of_the_House_of_Crnojevic.svg/1000px-Supposed_Flag_of_the_House_of_Crnojevic.svg.png” />

Flag of Metropolitans:

[img width=700 height=560]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e8/Flag_of_the_Prince-Bishopric_of_Montenegro.svg/750px-Flag_of_the_Prince-Bishopric_of_Montenegro.svg.png” />

And Metropolitans are successors of previous Metropolitans, not of any feudal dinasty.

So there will be so.
The first flag is the flag mitroploita which even today stands at Manastir in Cetinje.
The second flag is the flag of the Montenegrin army troops. They were organized on a tribal basis.

Well, nobleman is not ruler. But again I dont see what are you trying to prove. Montenegro had no kings nor princes for centuries. It was lead by metropolitans of Serbian Orthodox Chruch.

No ruler who is not noble.
Montenegro had a bishop who interviews were conducted in addition to the spiritual and secular government.
And the bishop had his standard was the same standard cloud ruler Crnojevića.
They have not been bishop SPC. SPC was created in 1921.

And? Does it say anything for your argument? I dont think so.

By your means Montenegro should not be because they did not confess those who have occupied?
Montenegrins seems that they did not get along with, and then many countries of the world.

And flag of Metropolitans is different from flag of Crnojevići. I don't want to be rude, but if you really wish to discuss, please be serious. Not even 5 year old would discuss this way.

Have you ever been to Cetinje?
Or maybe get a postcard from Cetinje?
Then you mgli see that the flag on the tower cetinskog Manastira..

You obviously have no idea about epic poetry. It is usualy preserved for centuries. For example Mahbharta was transmited oraly for hundreds of years before written down.

Certainly I have no idea of the epic poems.
I'm not talking about the Mahabharata, I'm talking about epic poems invented in the nineteenth century.

Really? Where did you got that idea, except from painting? Crusaader banner was described centuries before.

So it only be seen in the pictures. Are you saying that by wearing the flag of Serbia, where he was baptized? Do not forget to heaven then she could not sing or play without the permission of the Turks.

Neapolitan court offical asked them from where they came, they said we are from Serbia. Anything hard to grasp?

Come to believe.

Not genius, Croat heard Serb fishermen and recorded two their songs.

Was it a historical fiction? It is especially popular in recent years.



You really have to work on your English. But, Banović Strahinja was not "Montenegrins his heroes", nor was Marko Kraljević, nor Ljutica Bogdan, nor Miloš Obilić. :D

Marko Kraljević  is the product of the Turkish propaganda. They place the Slovenian legendary knight Progon, installed his vassals Marka Kraljevića. For the Banović Strahinju, Ljuticu Bogdana and fictional character Miloša Obilića, no one knew before the nineteenth century. Montenegrins were singing about their heroes Nikcu od Rovina, Novaku Miloševom, Novaku Ramovom, and hundreds of others.

And? What are you trying to point? Inventing hot water?
PS Crosses were used as tool of capital punishment before Christianity. I dont get what Islam has to do with anything we were talking about.

Dear friend, first you said that the Christian symbol of the cross and it is completely normal taht Christian bishops use that symbol. I agree with that, but I do not think that the Christian army used exclusively cross, before the Crusades.  And now I'm wondering what I'm trying to prove? I say that the cross on the flags of the Middle Ages there was only a charge with the coat of arms of noblemen who leads an army. At the Crusaders Cross universal character of the whole army. In Kosovo, there was no flag with a cross.

Errr, what is symbology? Anyway, Cross was used on European flags almost thousand years before Crusaders.

Well before 1000 years there was no flag.

You are expressing your self wrongly tquite offten.


This was first modern flag of Serbia.

No, it was not the first flag of Serbia, it is the flag of rebels, but not the flag of the state of Serbia, which then did not exist.

Genius, I told you, first state called Serbia (by neigbourghs, not by Serbs themselves) was established 1500 years ago. And flag of King Vladislav was described in 13th century.

Do not add an extra zero? Not described any flag of King Vladislav of the thirteenth century. There is a report on the flag red and blue colors and nothing more, it is not a description of the flag, especially not the national flag.

You first say we dont know what it was, thyn you claim it couldn be state flag? Dont get me wrong, but its contradictory. Either way, its not really relevant here, and I was not talking about it. Please, dtry not to guessing my toughts.

It is possible that I did not correctly understood. But you said that there was a national flag in the thirteenth century.

That Russia and Austria dictated constitution. Of course. But I dont get how Sultan could be creator of something he was forced to sign under treath of invasion?

I do not believe that the sultan could order something. It could be said that the sultan gave Serbia flag that was modified turkey Ensign.
The Ottoman Empire ships from Orthodox countries emphasized the red-blue-red ensign, and from it to the red-blue-white color is only the lower bands, right?

How he could be supreeme authority if foreign ambassador dictate him what law to issue? Please, explain me.

Who was it who dictated, you know?

I dont need to check anything. You must provide where it was written and what exactly was written.

Yes I read the letter written by General Inspection of the Montenegrin Army, 1912. Goduine.

Who said so?

And well, I was afraid that the armed people attacked unarmed gendarmes.

Yugoslav army did not have armoured units, nor majority armies in world. But yet, Serbian gendarms (Police force) were having it in 1919? Errr, tanks were invented 1916.

That the gendarmes were internal army. Sure were not equipped as a regular army, but were not even ordinary police.

There was no fights whatsoever after Christmass 1919. But, anyway, entire villlages dont get destroyed in low intensity warfare.

to agree

You mean those killing wwhich were first time mentioned after 2006 ;D

All you are writting is hear-say.

No I do not. All the time talk about tens of cases of monstrous crimes by a Serbian gendarmerie. For example, families  Zvicer, Bulatović,…

And generals from Montenegrin Supreeme command joined Serbian Supreeme Command. You heard about Petar Martinović, serdar Janko Vukovtić, Mitar Martinović, Jovo Bećir, and others. They were Montenegrin Generals who joined Serbiana and Yugoslav army.

Well Serbian army was allied army is not it?

You really think that 3000-5000 people are proper occupational amry for 500,000 population? ;D
Serbian army sent few small units in Montenegro. They were greeted by local units, which expelled Austrians previously. Those locals joined Serbian army.

But it was not so. It is a historical fiction communist historiography based on the same fiction Yugoslav historiography.
First, in Montenegro, then there was 500,000 people.
In Montenegro's Adriatic Army sent.
Montenegro has already been freed, and the Adriatic Army could not play the role of liberator, but occupiers. And what they say for themselves, that the occupying troops.
It disarms people and declares curfew that lasted until the annexation.

Who, when where?

As they very well know that the sultan gave the flag to use Serbia was considered a sign of servitude Turkey.
Nobody could force the Montenegrins that after centuries of struggle with the Turks accept flag that was given to the Sultan of use.

They wanted basicaly, just that Montenegrin dinasty was on top.

It is possible that an occasional had such ideas, in essence was to enter into a new state on an equal footing as befits the oldest state.

Well ruler of Montenegro used tricolour flag, and he was considering himself Serb. Basicaly, what's point anyway?

Is not he considered himself a Serb, he had to force the Montenegrins are Serbs because such a plan of the great powers, primarily Russia.
Finally, Russia is doing today is not it?

I think many Montenegrins were pretty happy with outcome.

Well, 10% is "many Montenegrins", even it is much less than 90% are dissatisfied.

Well, one great mistery is solved.

<br /:D” title=”>:D” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> :D All the great mysteries come down to prosaic causes and consequences

Well, as I said unless you give me some proofs for all that war, I wont take you seriously :D

Kosovo is a black hole at the time of SFRY, Macedonia and Montenegro at the time KSHS/Y