Kets I did not know that. Thank explained to her.

It was replica of suppossed flag of House of Crnojevići, and it was put on Monastery since Monastery of Cetinje is endowment of House of Crnojevići. 

So the chance to speak too.

First, the field was white, then it changed to red.

Well it still does not mean two are same.

Archbishops took over, and the same road signs and rulers.

So generally we are not interested in what they think our enemies.

Still is, because the metropolitans is  rulers. Be sure to use the flag of the last secular ruler Crnojevića.

Yet were not metropolitans SPC already CPC.

I did not know that Danilo Petrovic was Bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church. OK 1920s.

Of course Montenegrins are supported unification, but not annexation. The Government of Serbia has managed to disarm Crnmogorce fraud. Then the farce called Podgorica Assembly revoked and state and freedom of the name and all.


so okay, no problem.

I did.


The point is that the postcard was a picture of Cetinje monastery with the flag Crniojevića. Of course today is set Flag SPC.
Well I for these songs from the fifteenth century, I do not know.

What are you talking about? How banner could be baptized? Apropo Turks, you think they were 24 hours checking every person under their authoirty? There were allways people who were doing ilegal things, even under Ottomans. ;D

And so five centuries?…

And to say that the SPC existed before 1920?

Marko Kraljević is a historical figure. He was a Turkish vassal. He was totally insignificant a historic personality. Only the size of his dla Turkish propaganda

Excuse me?
Who did what?

In place of Progon, Turks set Marka Kraljevića.
Obilich was invented to justify the murder of Sultan Murad. What is Vasilije mentioned Miloša does not mean that anyone but him knew of Milos. Perhaps someone else knew about it, but I do not.

Ironicaly, you are the one speaking about XVIII and XIX century personalities. But Montenegrins were also singing about Karađorđe and Car Dušan. (Petar II Petrović Njegoš and Nikola Petrović Njegoš, for example)
And just for the record:Starac Milija from Kolašin recited Poem Banović Strahinja to Vuk Karadžić. Ok?

Yes and Peter II and King Nicholas, and who else? No one.
I do not know Starac Milija, and the Vuk is came to Kolasin?

So I do not think so. First, there is no description guest flags from that era. Other flags in Hilandar are not handled professionally das We’ve done so would seriously say about them.

Really? First flag to be known was from 3rd Milenium before Christ. Мuslims in time of Muhammad were also using black and green flags. Abassids army which overthrow Umayads had black banners. It was bit more than 1000 years ago. Ok?

3,000 years ago were the standards, not flags. Ok Hindus are in the fifth century used the flags that have been downloaded from the Chinese. It is true that the Arabs used the flag before the Europeans. Europeans from the Arabs modern take on the shape of the flag. Although for a long time in Europe there armorial banners and military standards.

OK. Yet what is the vase modern country with that country which are mentioned in the DAI

OK Na naki način jeste opis zastave. Sad bi trebalo reći nešto o rasporedu boja. Takođe i o vrsti te zastave. Radi li se o zastavi vladara,  ili o vojnom standardu ili nečemu trećem.
Then I got the wrong idea

It is possible that the power relations at the time were like.

No, this is the insignia of the Navy. Civil insignia of the Orthodox was triband red-blue-red horizontal. Such a flag was carried some the rebels.
To know the evolution of the flag of Serbia and I believe it is very likely.

Russian ambassador Rikman gave basis for constitution. Constitution itself was worked by Serbian delegates and Ottoman officials. Ok?

Yes it is true. That’s why I say, the rulers of Montenegro are constantly propagated the idea of a national flag based on panslovenskoj idea and the idea of the unification of the South Slavs. Sami people had receptive to the idea of national flag.

It’s amazing that the Serbian headquarters intended that the 500 soldiers occupy Dalmatia, Istria and Trieste.
The flag used by the rulers of Montenegro from the reasons described above. I have the people on the flag mean what I said.

I do not mind the English I learned from dictionaries  reading books. So nice to understand what you read, but do not know how to write.

Well, there will be. They were indeed black holes.