@Svevlad meny people in bosnia are proud of pre otoman Bosna, also meny are proud of otoman Bosna, but Tuzla or Salines or Soli which are earlier names of sinking city is a bit different from other parts of country. never ever nationalistic party won the election in Tuzla. they where not even close to do it. tuzla iz stronghold of social democracy in BiH. and that is one of the reason if not The reason of great animosity between Tuzla and Sarajevo. Tuzla is working industrial city most proud of its tolerance (BTW i hate that word) and anationalism while in Sarajevo dominant political party is both politicly and religiously extreme. Also Tuzla did not forgot its antifascistic heritage so you can also find parks with statues of Josip Broz Tito and other members of NOB which you cant say for rest of Bosna. So in the end Statue of King Tvrtko could be result of just cultural and historical awareness but my opinion is that is just like poke in the eye for the Sarajevian political lords. 


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