In my opinion the Slavic language was the same by all, during the time because of the geographic distances and external influences they started to diverge and now with the global communication the differences are getting less. 


I do not agree, simple because I perfectly understand modern Croatian. maybe we had similar languages 300 years ago, but now they are same with minor differences.
Don't get me wrong, i do not deny your language or anything. I just try to see thing with non-biased eyes and keep things straight.

Don`t worry i understand that your goal is not the denial of our language, don`t worry. :) But the problem is that we have three dialects which stand equal, but we choose one of them to be our official language. We choosed the štokavian because it is simmilar with serbian, and that was the time of first south slavic wishes to unite. But before that čakavian was used frequantly, at least on area south of Sava (not the whole area).
Imagine that čakavian was our official today. Do you understand this:
"Pute, laze pizon dubli tovari
gustirne žedne, mijun sići i lati
konkulana škina težakov od motik
po žurnatin, žurnatin pritrujena

Prage kalet žnjutin dubli puntari
naboj Dalmatine rebati na drači
kroz kadene dicu čićan pasli
a judi driti ka kolone
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena

Intradu pravice s tilin štrukali
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena

Rod puntarski resa na drači
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena

Ditinjstvon gladnin povist štukali
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena

Kroz kadene dicu čićan pasli
a judi driti ka kolone
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena"<br /:)” title=”>:)” class=”bbcode_smiley” />
do you understand what i meant when i was talking about the languages…