well Formica, I will never deny anyones right to declare as they want. One of my cousins declare as ethnic Mongolian on every census. Two of my best friends declare as ethnic Montenegrins, one as Croat. We never talk about it since our friendship is more important than any political ****.
But I know lots of people who used to declare as Serbs, now they are Montenegrins. simply because they have to keep their jobs in public sector. few of them who lost their jobs are Serbs again.
My point is, I will always be against anything that is forced upon common people. I want that we have fair referendum heavily watched by international commission regarding our flag, coat of arms and anthem.
I can not identify with current flag because it is forced upon me. I never had the chance to declare publicly what I think about it. So now, it is not the Montenegrin flag, it is flag of ruling regime. Montenegrin Serbs will never accept it as ours. And we are people of this country. We are its core as much as people from Cetinje.

Of course, these rights can not be challenged, nor can blame anyone in the his opinion.
I am not sure because someone changed their national commitment to work or that it is a forced.
It is a deeply intimate thing and no one should be this interesting.
It is another thing if barjačio by Montenegro, and now see that wrong, he will really have torment to prove.
But as far as I know there are not.
Flag and coat of arms are not things that are decide in a referendum.
State symbols, as symbols of power, appoints and regulates the government and that there is a point.
There is neither a referendum nor commissions or civil declare.
What do you think, to beat Serbian options, whether Montenegrins are offered a choice between Montenegrin and Serbian symbols?
I believe that the Montenegrins were prohibited by law, as one already 1918th .
Current Montenegrin flag is because it relies on data vexillologic and heraldic history and tradition of Montenegro from the 14th century.
What is much more than other traditions and history through the Balkans, which they do not go deeper back in time than half of the 19th century.
Montenegrins shall never accept someone else's flag as their own.
By the way, you confuse the coat of arms and state flag are not national symbols.
The nations have no a coat of arms and flag.
Since the 60s of the last century are practically the national flag.
A present-day meaning of national flags is given before 20 years.