Pobjedniče, in Montenegrins there is no identity crisis.
It certainly is not the product of independence.
Montenegro is a country existed before 1918 (actually from the 14th century).
Re-established in 1941 and since kimunističkih government since 1946, and in 2006 he only returned to what it has always had.
So identity crisis is not in Montenegrins, but for those who have ceased to be Montenegrins from 1918 to 1941, and later insisting that his commitment.
It is much more stressful to create identity legends.
Then, inevitably leads to an identity crisis.

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Montenegro did exist during Kingdom of SHS/Yugoslavia but under the old name "Zeta"
[img width=700 height=659]http://s9.postimg.org/zflxe37wf/Zetska_Banovina_vs_Crna_Gora.png” />

Kingdom of Montenegro (9,475 km2 in 1910, 14,442 km2 in 1912)

Oblast of Cetinje/Zeta Oblast 1922–1929 Montenegro triples the coast and receives the Bay of Kotor (the gem of Adriatic)

Zeta Banovina 1929–1941 (30,997 km2 in 1931) Montenegro more than doubles in size and becomes larger than present-day Slovenia, Macedonia or Albania

then in 1941 Italy comes and liberates Montenegro of Skadar Lake and Bay of Kotor  ;)

map of German "liberation" 1943-1944  :-X

and finally communists solve the problem  :P