No. In 90% cases, I do not have what you are claiming. From your claims about churches in Serbia being owned by Serbian state (something aboslutley against Serbian laws, constitution and laws of Serbian Orthodox Chruch) to your claims that person who explicitely declared themselves to be Serbs in fact did not think so. Its hard to understand.


Eh, it seems rather like anachronistic interpretation of history. First, not all of Balkans is populated by Serbs. Second, most of sources cited by Brđanin are not something intended fro Russia. Third, whatever reason, from first time they gained prominence they were Serbs. Fact tey were family which for 160 years was providing Serbian bishops explains all.

First, that's what I say.
Second Empire are in the Balkans led to its policy, the Balkans and we are escorted to their policy.
Thirdly really are people under the influence of the Serbian Orthodox Church priests became Serbs.

No. This is stupid. There is no word "Serbism". Secnd there is 250 milions of Orthodox Christians worldwide, there is 10 milion of Serbs (not all Orthodox Christians). Another stupid quasi historicism.

I understand, but come on to explain, for example, Andrija Mandic, a Serb majority in Montenegro or one of the priests SPC.

Today not. 100 years ago we had completly different picture.

If a poll Valtazar Bogisic consider it as a valid document, it is a picture from quite different from those posed by the representatives of Serbian national project.

None of Petrovićs mentioned was educated in Serbia, king Nicholas was even clashing with Serbian Governments. And Petrovići gained prominence before re-establishment of Serbia So again you are providing counter history. In fact, most of Belgrade educated Montenegrins (after 1945) were rabid anti Serbs. Like Jovo Kapičić. And all those SDP and Liberal 125% Montenegrins, who for some rason speak pure Belgrade dialect.

No it is not so.
Petrovic had carried out the demands of the Russian Empire, hoping that they too have some benefit (I'd say that worked through greed).
It is not true that all post-1945 were anti Srbi.Ne know of one that was antisrbin, even Jovo Kapičić.
None of SDP or LP does not speak pure Belgrade speech. You might think the Perovićku which was presidenst Assembly? She is a former Radikalka who is graduating in Montenegro entered the LSCG

No, its oposite of your claim.

Any reproduction of the opposition to accept the request.

Serbian nation exist for 200 years, plus inus decade.

Nations (political) Serbs there from the beginning of the 19th century. People (ethnic) Serbs there from the 7th century.

And sky is blue. But nobody discuss that.


Well, nope.

Yet it is the rest of the five centuries of coexistence with the Turks.

Where? Brđanin showed you quotes where he considers himself a Serb and Montenegrins Serbs. So we had to beleive you insted of him, about his own ethnic feelings? ;D

It talks about the political project that must be carried out. Are you saying that nowhere mentions the Montenegrins?

You are trying to prove histric sources wrong because you dont like them. And base your arguments exactly on nthing. I guess your are right ;D

No, no, you're trying to prove that we do not exist.

Where did you came to that reason. Mentioning of Montenegrins as Serbs means, Montenegrisn are subgrup of Serbs. Ok? You could feel whatever you want. Nationality is subjective thing after all. But 100 years ago there was no Montenegrin nation, ethnicity whatever.

Of course there was, for the Serbs would not be sure, but the Montenegrins can claim that they are.

Sorry, but this makes no senses.

It seems to me that.

Former Montengrins tught about themselves as Serbs. Current Montenegrins are divided on issue.<br /:)” title=”>:)” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

It's not about the division of Montenegrins.

That's not what I was talking about. Illiyad is historic source.

So I do not think so. Iliad is a military report on the war. Gorski vijenac is a product of imagination.

Bla bla bla. So when romanticist poet from Montenegro sings about Karađorđe its because he wished to spread his own political influence on Balkans, under preassure from Russian Gvernement. We cant even dare to think, he, as romaticsit admires ideal of freedom, and wants to present his co-nationalist as great freedom fighter, in order to fullify his creative intentions, and his romantic nationalistc zeal? If you actualy have even basic competence in hisotry you would know, that without further proves, like counter claiming previous or later works, secret despatches, first interpretation is post-modern falsificationism.

Montenegrin ruler Petar II made drama is fictional.
This drama is dedicated to the leader of the First Serbian Uprising, Karađorđe Petrovic.
He was a participant of the drama nor the Serbs.
He saw nothing to admire the ideals of freedom because the government free country and certainly gives full support to the brotherly people and he is released.
He even sent detachment (strength brigade) which should help the Serbs in the uprising.
Of course they have returned only 10 because they were ambushed decimate themselves Serbs in the service of the Turks