@Xilaw sorry brother, I did not read your post that you are Vasojević too, we are probably distant relatives :)
@Formica please answer to the man from which clan you hail from.
and stop bringing up self proclaimed prince Nikola Milošević into this discussion since you are repeating yourself.
He had no power over our clan. if he had any, there would be no Cetinje today after his murder.
Vasojevići were the only clan which had enough power and allies to do what they want and join which ever state they wanted by free will. We joined Montenegro, other clans were forced to do the same. I am saying this because it shows that we were strongest allies of Petrovići and that some plans of our own catholic state were not accepted.
this family tree was passed from father to son even before Karađorđe claimed that Vasojevići raiders attack his "Serbs". Ironicaly he claimed to be Vasojević himself.
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