Petrovićima nije odgovarala ni katolička ni nikakva Holmija, pa je nije ni bilo.

nije odgovarala Vasojevićima, a za druge ćemo lako.

Well, come on in the late 19th century.
Renaming will not reverse the nature of the act.
His nature is the annulment of Montenegro as a state, political, cultural and historical entity, and cancel Montenegrins as ethnic and national communities, and their conversion to the Serbs.
Do you really believe that the Montenegrins centuries died to bi later volunteered to disappear?

The letter i posted explains what i meant to say. by renaming Montenegro to Zeta (its previous name) no one could really nullify specific Montenegrin culture and legacy. Nikola would do the same to Serbia if he was more powerful. but it was the common cause, just the ruling dynasty was different.
I would also prefer if Nikola united all Serbs, but that was not possible.

Nor is Karlj Nikola nor Alexander Obrenović could pull any single move without the consent of the great powers, especially Russia.
In the book, Cfrna Gora i velike sile, can be found in detail what was Russia's policy towards the Balkans and to Montenegro. According to their plan Montenegro had to drown in Serbia.
And finally, whether Nicholas and Alexander told Austria to leave Bosnia? Not to squeal or any others.
And Montenegro drowned in Serbia.
From the letters we see that even in the family of Nicholas did not consent to Monte Negro disappears.

same applies to this