( Be warned , this is a small rant of mine, I'm upset  :'()

Yes, this is the day Croatia is supposed to officially become part of the EU. This is tragic IMO and I pray the Slovenes save us by bringing up something ( I don't care how stupid it is) to BLOCK our entry. EU is a mess, an artificial gray mass , and cares nothing for individuality or heritage of different member countries. Croatia already has a underbelly of bad finance and an economy that can go off a 'fiscal cliff' at the blink of an eye. Croatian politicians are also some of the most twisted and indecent human beings on the planet. They will borrow untold millions only to throw that cost not upon themselves but to future people in Croatia not even born yet. On top of that they will try to offload the costs to participating EU members already which will give us the reputation of Greece. If Croatia joins with it's own current array of slimy , oily , and filthy politicians leading then they will put Croatian independence in a coffin and we WILL be the next Greece. Croatian politicians are BAD and they will make us the next Greece. F*ck those arseholes. Please save us Slovenia or someone. My dream is that Poland ( good Slavic country, in fact all Slavic) jumped ship , said F' this and offered fellow Croatian Slavs an alternative. You guys don't understand , Croatia's politicians are the lowest of the low , the most disgusting bag of dog crap you've ever seen , they can't WAIT to get all that EU money and then proceed to sell away the country and its people. RIP Croatia , 1 July 2013  :(

I thought Croatia was already in the EU ??? :-
And besides you do realize most of what you said has already happened or is happening.