I meant real directives, not theoretical sketches of future projects..

This one seems to be the document called "GenplanOSt" magically risen up to the surface through the 64 years after the war. I guess you claim its authenticity in contrast to other various fake Hitler's diaries and directives published in 1960-1990s. Well, nobody and nothing can't give 100% warranty considering political interest in the existence of such documents.

If that plan was so important why only the single document with about 20 short pages? Copies of this document had to exist in all the agencies of the Reich. If this is the final plan, there should be lots of stamps and signatures of several ministries and senior officials of the Reich. Any more or less significant plan is not written in the form of a small booklet, there should be a pile of documents considering the German pedantry.. It looks like a diary of an official in the Ministry of Agriculture..

I don't speak German language at all and as a rational person I trust only to reliable translators cuz any "not important" bag could change the whole meaning of a document, so Wiki can't serve a reliable source. I highly doubt if this doc contains real directives of extermination or replacement of Eastern Slavs, cuz it's economically and ideologically meaningless. As I can see the document is full of economical justifications amd romantic plans for future utopian settlements of Reigh on the East.

Unlikely, the supposed author of document, Konrad Meyer-Hetling, was a bloody monster requesting the genocide of Slavs. At his posts Meyer Hetling largely defined agro-science curricula, content and organizational structure of agricultural education in Germany, as well as agricultural research organization in Germany from 1935 to 1945. American tribunal in Nurnberg determined that the plan "OST" of Meyer Hetling developed in accordance with his job responsibilities, the plan itself did not provide for any offense, the plan "OST" has never been accepted, and has been taken nothing to implement the proposals of Meyer Hetling. He was acquitted by the court (except the point about his membership in SS) and released. In 1956 he became professor of the state planning and research of living space at the Faculty of Horticulture and agriculture of Technical University of Hanover, where he worked until his retirement in 1968…

I'm not here to debate you. I'm just giving you info and scanned documents (for which you asked) and you can believe what you want in general. However i must notice that even when one someone does give you a scanned actual documents you still portrait it as "it's not true" and fake meaning you won't take anything for truth unless it goes with your personal interests.

I'm personally not on either side be it the Nazi or Communists, but i just try to view things objectively from both perspectives and i'm as hell sure that when someone invades your country and kills your people isn't actually the best friend. Same principle today we can see with Americans bombing, killing Afgans, Irakies while blaming it on Terrorists and portraiting it as "freeing these occupied country for evil terrorists" while terrorist is anyone that actually is an opposition to an invading American army.


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