Well, I'm not here to argue as well. Just people often write about germanisation and even sterilisation of occupied territories as a scientifically proven facts, while there are no realible proofs (except propably Main Kampf itself). This argument is always used by supporters of communists, by their words members of every nationalist movements in the ex-USSR were just brainwashed idiots, all nations would be nesessarily exterminated by Germany, and only Stalin's regime saved everyone. Today this myth is said like evil nazis wanted to kill all Russians, that's why Russians have no right for preservation of nation ("fascism") at all.

I'm pro-Russian and not pro-German. The majority of Russian anticommunists were not crazy supporters of Germany also. In his diaries A. Vlasov called Stalin and Hitler "big and small evil" respectively. Having the choice, they preferred the lesser evil.

Moreover, the fact of cooperation between anticommunists and Nazi Germany doesn't give a reason to blame  Russians on the Franco side in the Civil war of Spain.


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