Actually that link with the turbofolk is right on. I mean most people would consider that 'hardcore Serbian.' A lot of people consider that the heart of Serbian traditional music , just modernized a bit. That music spread like wildfire consuming most of the southern Balkans , Turkey , and the Caucuses plus the liberal Arab circles. In Croatia and Slovenia its taboo and still its so popular in night clubs around the world. I don't understand what's so appealing about it. I can't listen to it for more than 10 seconds without getting a headache or laughing, even if I'm drunk. And my reasons for not liking it is not because its 'Serbian' music ( I like Serbian folk music , real Serbian folk music , not this turbotrash) , furthermore I know Serbs who dislike this music. My ex-gf was from Serbia and she liked this dog crap music at South Slav/Balkan parties called 'zurke' OMFG how I hated hearing hajmo na zurke!. Some gypsy looking DJ would constantly play this crap and damm right I didn't go after just one time. They would advertise like ' Serbian folk fest' or 'Balkan folk party' and play this horse$hit music and I would be like WTF?

When I think of REAL Serbian folk and traditional music , this comes to mind :


^ Now this is beautiful and shouts great culture. I just wish the nightclubs and diaspora kids would stop playing that horse$hit turbotrash music.


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