@Povhec: Well, thank you then. If it'd turn out that I could earn a living with it, it'd be great. But I'm a realist, so…  :)

@Barov: Well, no wonder you didn't get anything, but I also posted no lyrics.  ;D

@Svätoslava: Thank you, now I have an idea of how your legendary ä should sound. I'm actually disapointed…  :P  ;D But nice talk, it remembered me of a Czech song I know, where "travička" is mentioned a lot of times. And btw, your voice isn't boring at all. You'd do great with reading good night stories. It seems like your Slovakian Bratislava dialect is pretty much equal to Lublanščina here (which we Styrians can't stand  >:(  ;D ).

@DokuDoki: You really sound younger than 17.  ;D Anyway, yes the Slavic L-s are really horrible and Slovenes get awfully mad if you say LJ like some l' (or whatever…).  :D I could understand most of it.

@tqr: Funny, it was all Spanish to me.  ;) Actually, standart Polish sound nicer to me than Silesian, no offence.

In seveda hvala za pozdrave, Svitogor!  :)

Shouldn't WE decide which song Barov should sing?


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