I emphasized ä in word svätenou just you can know how it sounds. Normally I wouldn't say it like that. Now, Štajerc, you know it. I used standard Slovak, while you can hear Eastern Slovak accent by Barov and Central Slovak accent by Doku Doki.

"Correct" pronounciation of Ä [size=8pt](alt+142)[/size] is actually easy – just open mouth as if you want to say A, but make sound as if you're saying E. It's E with mouth opened for sound A. Personally me, I use it only for word pätoro and your nickname (;D), nothing more, and even so I'm not sure if I'm pronounciationg it correct.
By the way, I have really strong feeling I heard your voice somewhere before. Have you ever been in Zvolen or Detva, or in radio or so?


Desatoro šlo,
chytilo sa devätora,
devätoro osmora,
osmoro sedmora,
sedmoro šestora,
šestoro pätora,
pätoro štvora,
štvoro trojema,
trojemo dvojema,
dvojemo jednora,
jednoro babky,
babka repky,
trhali, trhali,
repka sa pretrhla,
babka sa prevrhla
a všetci sa zvalili
na jednu hromadu.


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