Ok, so firstly my try with Silesian, text is here:
And the same text in standard Polish:

Silesian is a bit calmer than Polish which has a way looot of š, č, ž, dž…  :)  Two words sounded to me as if a native Slovak said them – moja starká.

I see only that everyone is saying your voice is great : )
I guess nobody expected you'll sound so mature so your recording came as a surprise.
Also,Sväta, I don't think anyone will risk being banned from here by you xD

Oh come on, I'm not that despotic  :)

not at all
its one sexy voice, thats what i think  :)

Hm.. there must be a mistake. You didn't want to address these words to me, did you?

@Svätoslava: Thank you, now I have an idea of how your legendary ä should sound. I'm actually disapointed…  :P  ;D But nice talk, it remembered me of a Czech song I know, where "travička" is mentioned a lot of times. And btw, your voice isn't boring at all. You'd do great with reading good night stories. It seems like your Slovakian Bratislava dialect is pretty much equal to Lublanščina here (which we Styrians can't stand  >:(  ;D ).

Wait wait, I don't speak the Bratislava's dialect!  This is actually a big insult  :D  As I told before, in the video I spoke standard Slovak language.

What did you expect from our dear ä? A sound which might kill you all?  8)

"Correct" pronounciation of Ä [size=8pt](alt+142)[/size] is actually easy – just open mouth as if you want to say A, but make sound as if you're saying E. It's E with mouth opened for sound A. Personally me, I use it only for word pätoro and your nickname (;D), nothing more, and even so I'm not sure if I'm pronounciationg it correct.
By the way, I have really strong feeling I heard your voice somewhere before. Have you ever been in Zvolen or Detva, or in radio or so?

You tend to pronounce e rather than ä in the verses. I'm curious if teachers of Slovak language demand using ä from you at the school? I remember that my teacher was very sensitive over this case, but it was looong long time ago.

I was there, but wasn't recording anything. It's just a coincidence most likely.  :)

No, actually others have misunderstood what I was trying to say. Your voice is tranquil and pleasant, and for the part in quotes, just neglect it if you don't like this type of humor

Don't worry, I laughed at it too as it was funny  :)  Thank you anyway.

Actually I like Svätušin voice, like I was watching some cartoon on slovak television in my childhood. Should have sing some lullaby.  :)

Oh, I'm not going to sing, no way  :D  Uf, takže deti by som so svojím hlasom nevystrašila.

I still think you have beautyfull voice. :) I did not imagine aeroport lady. :)

Хвала лепо.  :)


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